Neuromancer turns 30

Somebody must have made a mistake.   Thirty year old science fiction is *old*.  It's set in the swamps of Venus and on the shores of the Martial canals.    It's populated by beautiful alien princesses in brass bikinis, and square jawed heroes who can overcome almost any problem set before them with a slide rule and a pot of strong coffee.   And if that didn't work, there was always their trusty ray gun.

Cyberpunk can't be that old, can it?
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Happy 4th!

Just wishing a happy 4th to the Americans on FA. Sure, there have been differences, and not relationship is going to be completely without friction, but I do think Americas contribution to the world is mostly a positive one. The government that the American created, born during the Age of Reason, and found of rational secular principles, was the prototype for the democratic state that so many of us enjoy in our own countries.
     America's contribution in WW2 in well documented, but I think it was after the war, that they really showed their greatness. showing uncommon generosity of spirit when they helped to rebuild their former enemies. That those nation still continue to prosper, and remain staunch allies shows the wisdom of this policy. I would even argue that the progressive, liberal state that so many of us enjoy is a result of American influence in the immediate postwar years.
     Looking at what's happening elsewhere, I am glad the Americans don't feel the need to send in troops to "restore democracy" every time our elections don't go the was they think they should. No scene of American tanks doing donuts in the parking lots of Canadian Tire here. If I have to live next to a superpower, I'll go with the one that lets us run our affairs as we see fit.
     Americans have a gift for taking the best that the world has to offer, and turning it into something new. They are at their best when they look at the world and say, "How can we make this better?"

Happy 238th guys! Enjoy the weekend.

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong

The first man to walk on another world passed away today. He was part of an age when people dared to try great things, an age that continues to slip ever further in the past, and we have become diminished by its passing.

R.I.P. Harry Harrison

I read a lot of Harrison as a teen, especially his Stainless Steel Rat Series. I laughed at Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers, and Make Room, Make Room is still the scariest novel I ever read. He will be missed.